Hello and Welcome! This is where I’ll be posting detailed updates on how the shop is coming along, my personal journey towards a Zero Waste and Sustainable lifestyle and general life woes. So have a browse, read a couple of paragraphs if you fancy and follow me on this incredible journey.

Thank you!

About Me

My name is Jessica Peck. I’m 23 years old and live in Carmarthen, Wales. I’ve always had a great love and passion for the environment. My long term goals include getting my own small holding, building a house from straw and living as sustainably as I can. 

For now – I live at home, work a full time job at Glangwili Hospital as a Ward Clerk and – until recently – pondered my life as a tired, rundown and unhappy resident on this earth. The latter being why I decided to put my foot down and say “No, I refuse”. I refuse to grow old wondering if I had tried harder now, I would be happier then. 

So here I am – trying. Because I have a dream.

I’m dreaming of clean natural environments and air. I’m dreaming of a reduction in CO2 and for the ice at the poles to slow down their melting. I’m dreaming of meadows full of pollinators and fields full of happy farm animals. I dream so many dreams. Then I wonder, why must they be dreams?

This might just seem like a lot of tree hugging nonsense to you (or hopefully you’re completely with me) but this all stems from real issues we’re having. Right now. 

So what am I doing about it?

Well – for the past year – I’ve been reducing my plastic issue, taking steps to reducing my carbon footprint, paying the little extra for organic when I can and growing my own fruit and veg in our modest garden. I’m also fortunate to have access to my grandparents smallholding – my mother is taking it over and we have plenty of chickens and ducks (running a muck in our large field) to keep us stocked up on eggs. 

But that wasn’t quite enough. I found myself getting frustrated with all the plastic packaging and non-biodegradable items that I was forced to purchase when there was no alternatives. There was no where nearby where I could go and shop plastic-free. It was difficult trying to stick to my new goals without it and I found myself failing almost every time I had to go shopping. The re-useable shopping bags just weren’t enough. 

So enough is enough! 

It’s time Carmarthen got its own Zero Waste – completely plastic packaging free – shop. And I’m here to do it. 

This blog is to keep you updated on every step I take towards getting the shop opened and every hurdle I make towards the zero waste and sustainable lifestyle I plan to lead. 

So stay connected – like my facebook page – and join me on this journey. I’d love to have you tag along.

Thank you!



Email – thegreenscoop@yahoo.com